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~The largest white sand dunes in the world, in New Mexico. Has the largest collection of preserved prehistoric footprints in the Americas, including some of humans stalking giant sloths.


10,000 Years AgoEdit

Wildlife and possibly humans continue to leave their footprints on the White Sand Dunes.

Earlier HistoryEdit

  • Human footprints are seen tracking a giant sloth in the White Sands sometime before they go extinct
  • The short face bear and giant sloth (on the mainland) go extinct 11,000 years ago

Later HistoryEdit

  • Smiledon goes extinct 10,000 years ago.
  • Whooly Mammoth becomes extinct on the mainland 9,600 years ago.
  • Whooly Mammoths become completely extinct 3,600 years ago.

Modern HistoryEdit


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