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A second party Google Street Viewer and social app.

My Review[]

It was removed from the Oculus Store a week or so after the Oculus Go came out, probably because it hadn't been updated to take advantage of the Oculus Go's hardware and had a few bugs. But it's still possible to use while in Developer Mode. This is essentially my number one favorite app on the Oculus Go. Being able to go anywhere in the world and look around, as long as Street View put a picture of it or a user did. It's got a few things that are better than an official Street View App, such as the ability to save landmarks. I wish I could sort landmarks though and put them in subfolders. One bug is that it doesn't change the location information if you view a stand alone non-Street View photo. The bugs are annoying, but the ones I've found can be worked around, no reason to pull it from the store. I haven't tried the social aspects of the app. Unfortunately, I can't recommend someone else buy an Oculus Go for the purpose of using this app, since it'd be a pain to install and run. Its annoying how I have to enter Developer Mode to use this app and then exit it when I want to access the file system on my headset from my laptop.

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