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The second planet from the sun and the hottest. The brightest object in the sky other than the sun and moon, it was once known as the evening and morning star. Has an atmosphere rich in Carbon Dioxide and a runaway greenhouse. Has extreme surface pressure, continent-sized highlands, and soft, gooey surface of melted rocks. Once thought to have had a global ocean that was lost. Most features volcanic in origin, entire surface periodically thought to erupt at once. Upper altitudes are thought to be favorable to life. Rains sulfuric acid. Visited by early Russian landers and orbiters. Orbited and mapped by Pioneer Venus and Magellan. Currently orbited by Venus Express.

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Messenger and Venus Express Joint Observations (Jun 2007)Edit

Photo of Most Planets From Near Mercury (Feb 2011)Edit

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Venus Lost its Water in Solar Winds (Dec 08)Edit

Venus Express Mission Extended a Second Time (Feb 09)Edit

Venus Express Flight Plan (Oct 2005)Edit

Dark Southern Vortex Discovered (Apr 2006)Edit

Venus' Atmosphere More Chaotic Than Thought (Apr 2007)Edit

South Double Vortex Evolution Video (May 2007)Edit

New South Vortex Video (Mar 2008)Edit

Nitric Oxide Infrared Emissions on Night Side (Feb 2009)Edit

Venus May Have Had Water and Lava (Jul 2009)Edit

Venus Spot Continued Observations (Aug 2009)Edit

Anceant Venus Oceans May Have Been Inhabitable (Jun 2010)Edit

Southern Polar Vortex Changes Shape Every Day (Apr 2011)Edit

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Akatsuki Launched (May 2010)Edit

Overshoots Venus (Dec 2010)Edit

Nozzle May Have Caused Overshoot (Dec 2010)Edit

Problems May Cause Planetary Program to Scale Back (Dec 2010)Edit

Akatsuki to Try Again Earlier (Jan 2011)Edit

Could try orbital insertion before the Dec 2016 date, perhaps in 5 years

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Balloons Could Be Sent to Venus (Mar 2009)Edit

NASA Decadal Survey Town Hall Approaching (Apr 2011)Edit

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What's on Venus (Mar 2011)Edit

First Image From Orbit PhotoessayEdit

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Book on Alien Weather (May 2011)Edit

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Exobiology Update (May 2011)Edit

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Life Possible in High Atmosphere (Feb 2003)Edit

NASA's Planetary Geology and Geophysics to Map Venus (Feb 2009)Edit

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