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V1581 Cygni is also known as GJ 1245. Nearby triple Red Dwarf star system. Star A is only 11% the Sun's mass and is also known as G 208-44 A and LHS 3494. C is 8 AU (7% Sun's Mass) from A and is also known as G 208-44 B. It is one of the more well known tenuous red dwarfs and is only an M8 in spectral type. B is 33 AU away (10% Sun's Mass) and is also known as G 208-45 and LHS 3495. B would appear as bright as Venus does from A.

Notes on name used: the Giclas numbers are probably the earliest used catalog numbers for this system. However, a different number is used for components A and B. It's possible that the name V1581 Cygni predates the GJ number, and is oddly used for all three system components.

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