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Contains the first transiting exoplanet discovered with the TrES amateur equipment and second transiting exoplanet close enough to have its atmosphere studied. It is the first Hot Jupiter that had the expected radius. Was the one of the first two exoplanets to have its light separated from its host star. Has a cloud or torus of particles around it. Tidal heating is predicted due to its eccentric orbit, but this has not seem to have inflated its radius.

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TrES-1 System In the News[]

TrES-1 Discovered (Aug 2004)[]

Transit the first detected using amateur equipment.

Amateurs Detect TrES-1 (Sep 2004)[]

Amateurs detect TrES-1's transit as they had HD 209458b's earlier

Ringlike Structure Discovered By TrES-1? (Jan 2005)[]

Amateur astronomers detect what could be a cloud or torus of particles around TrES-1. Hubble will attempt to confirm this.

Light of TrES-1 Separated From Star's (Mar 2005)[]

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