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A wall surrounding an ancient kingdom or massive city in Nigeria.


1000 AD[]

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  • Southern Nigeria - British colony
  • Yorubaland - cultural region of the Yoruba people, spans much of Nigeria, Togo, and Bening.
    • Ijebu Kingdom - Midieval kingdom that the Eredo wall may encircle, ruled by the Awujale, who comes from one of four ruling houses. Formed in 15th century, by the Obanta of Ile-Ife by legend. Rose in power in 18th century due to trade monopoly, but conquered by British and incorporated into Southern Nigeria.
    • Eredo - Possibly largest city in ancient world or a kingdom
      • Sungbo's Eredo - Wall that would have been built around Eredo, encloses an area 25 by 22 miles in area. Named for legendary noblewoman Bilikisu Sungbo, often considered to be the Queen of Sheba. Translates to Sungbo's Ditch.
    • Ife (also called Ile Ife, or Old Ife) - ancient Yoruba city and possible predecessor to Ijebu Kingdom, holy city in Yoruba religion, city of expansion, spawned many empires
    • Oyo Empire - empire spawned from Ife
  • Benin

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