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Earliest Mesolithic site containing dwellings in Scotland.


10,000 Years Ago[]

Star Carr was most likely abandoned for about 460 years. The Howick House had not yet been built (in another 400 years). Both sites would have been near the coast at this time, but not quite as near as they are today.

Earlier History[]

  • Site occupied during an Abrupt Climate Event at 9400 BC corresponding with earliest sign of occuppation.
  • Site occuppied during another ACE at 9100 BC.
  • The site became occupied in 8770 BC per one report
  • The site may have been abandoned in 8660 BC.
  • The site may have been reoccupied in 8560 BC.
  • The site was abandoned again about 8460 BC.

Later History[]

  • The Howick House was created in 7600.
  • Britain became an island in 6100 BC when the Storegga Slides in Norway triggered a massive tsunami.

Modern History[]

  • Star Carr was discovered in 1947.
  • New Excavations were started in the 2000's
  • A house found in Star Carr in 2010 took over the Howick House's claim to be the oldest in Britain.
  • The Star Carr Pendant was discovered in 2015, thought to be the oldest mesolithic art piece in Britain.


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