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An abbey founded at the time of Charlemagne along the way from Germany to Rome in the Swiss Alps. Known for its frescos.


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The building was a still a monastery and had its original frescos.

Earlier HistoryEdit

  • Abbey was founded around 780 by a bishop of Chur.
  • Frescos were painted in the early 9th Century.
  • A church tower was added to the abbey church in the 10th century.

Later HistoryEdit

  • In the 12th Century, the monostary changed to an abbey. It expanded and new frescos were painted or painted over the old ones.
  • In 1499, the Swabian War began at the abbey, which eventually led to Switzerland's independence.

Modern HistoryEdit

  • It was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 because of its exceptionally well preserved Carolingian art.


The abbey is in Mustair, Graubunden.

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