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Dwarf planet candidate orbiting, 1070 km in diameter, and somewhat elongated. Largest KBO found since Pluto. Furthest out object resolved by a telescope when Hubble measured its size, and the first trans-neptunian object directly measured. Given the minor planet number 50000. Has a small moon. First KBO found larger than Ceres. Sedna was briefly thought to be the largest KBO found, but after it was displaced by Eris, Quaor was found to be larger (larger than Ceres, but smaller than Charon, though more massive), and most likely a dwarf planet. The largest dynamically cold Cubewano (smaller than Makemake, which is hot), has exceptionally low eccentricity and inclination for a Plutoid. Unusual in that it is red and has water ice on it, like a smaller version of "2007 OR10" which has already lost all of its atmosphere. Its surface was likely recently resurfaced by volcanism or an impact, suggested by the detection of ammonia hydrate and crystalline water.

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