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Smooth and bright moon of Jupiter. Its surface is covered with linear grooves, possibly cracks in a frozen ocean. One of most likely places to find life outside of Earth.

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Galileo in the News[]

Unmasking Europa Book Supports Thin Crust Theory(Dec 2008)[]

Pluto Express in the News[]

Europa-Rise Over Jupiter Photographed (May 2007)[]

New Horizons images a crescent Europa rising over the giant limb of Jupiter.

Europa Jupiter System Mission (EJSM) in the News[]

Mission comprising of the JEO (Jupiter Europa Orbiter, NASA) and the JGO (Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter, ESA)
Launch by 2020, reach Jupiter by 2026

About to Choose Between Saturn and Jupiter Missions (Jan 2009)[]

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Europa Mission Chosen (Feb 2009)[]

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Cooperation Between NASA and ESA (Feb 2011)[]

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Priority Report from the National Research Council (Mar 2011)[]

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NASA Decadal Survey Town Hall Approaching (Apr 2011)[]

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Europa Mission's Pricetag Seems Like Show Stopper (Jun 2011)[]

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Landing Spots on Europa Identified (Aug 2009)[]

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Robotic Exploration of Sinkhole Prepares For Europa (May 2007)[]

Clementine robot explores a Mexican sinkhole as practice for how to explore the underwater world of Europa.

Axis Tilt Could Cause Heat Generating Waves (Dec 2008)[]

Recreating Ice Found on Distant Worlds (Jun 2009)[]

Europa Helps Probe Returning South Equatorial Belt (Feb 2011)[]

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Exobiology Update (May 2011)[]

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