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Saturnian System

Large moon of Saturn. Interacts with Enceladus today (flexes it to maintain liquid ocean) and may have helped Tethys in the past maintain a liquid ocean.

Dione In The NewsEdit

Cassini in the NewsEdit

Plasma Detected From Dione and Tethys, Possible Volcanism (2007) Edit

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Tectonic Activity Spotted on Rhea (2010)Edit

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Dione Caused Ancient Tethys OceanEdit

see also Tethys

  • Interactions with Tethy's drove up its eccentricity, causing ocean on Tethys. When

interactions subsided, Tethy's ocean froze, causing Ithaca Chasma

Flexes Enceladus (Jun 2011)Edit

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Interesting PhotosEdit

Rhea Flyby (Jan 2011)Edit

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Dione Above Saturn's Rings Over Rhea (Feb 2011)Edit

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Black Saturn and Three Moons (Jul 2011)Edit

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