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Rutilicus is also known as Ruticulus (though this name can also refer to Beta Herculis), Zeta Herculis, and Gl 635. Nearby binary star system. Star A is a yellow-white or yellow sub-giant star. It is 50% more massive than the Sun, over twice its radius, and is about the same age. It probably began as a white or yellow white main sequence star. It is also known as HR 6212 and HD 150680. Star B is on the boarder between a yellow and orange dwarf star. It ranges from 7.8 to 21 AU away and was discovered by William Hershel in 1782. The star was once thought to be a member of the Zeta Herculis stellar moving group, but has since been removed as being too metal rich and the group renamed the Zeta Reticuli group. Star A has long been suspected of having a brown dwarf companion due to orbital peculiarities seen in Stars A and B.

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