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Class of egg-laying animals.

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  • Phylum Chordata (Chordates) - Animals with a backbone or closely related to one.
    • Class Reptilia
      • Order Mesosauria (Mesosaurs) - The earliest known marine reptile. Alligator-like in appearance. May have given live birth.
      • Order Ichthyosauria (Ichthyosaurs) - Giant marine reptiles resembling dolphins. Many gave birth to live young.
      • Clade Archosauria (Archosaurs) - Archosaurs are all the animals related to the common ancestor of Birds and Crocodilians. This includes all dinosaurs and pterasaurs.
        • Order Ornithischia (Ornithischians) - One of two orders of Dinosaurs. The "bird-hipped", planteating dinosaurs.
        • Order Saurischia (Saurischians) - One of two orders of dinosaurs, the "Lizard hip" dinosaurs.
        • Order Crocodilia (Crocodilians - With Birds, the only living archosaurs today. Opportunistic hunters with the hardest bite of any animal that ever existed. Appeared in the late cretaceous.

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