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A list of years that are a power of 10 ago, from the point of view of the year 2000 AD.

  • Now - 2000 AD
  • 1 Year Ago - 1999 AD
  • 10 Years Ago - 1990 AD
  • 100 Years Ago - 1900 AD
  • 1000 Years Ago - 1000 AD - Roughly 1000 years ago. Civilizations had developed across much of the world by this time. Many nations in the old world adhered to one of the major world religions.
  • 10,000 Years Ago - 8000 BC - Time that followed the end of the ice age, the rise of sea levels, and the mass extinction of mega fauna. Homo sapiens are the only remaining humans on the planet. Includes some of the earliest domestication of plants and animals and some of the earliest permanent settlements and cities.
  • 100,000 Years Ago - 98000 BC - A time when modern humans shared the earth with other types of humans, including Neanderthals in Europe and western asia, Denisovans in central and eastern asia, floresiensis in indonesia, and possibly Nidali in South Africa. Modern Humans were mostly in Africa, but spread into the middle east and other parts of asia, though these humans have no descendants. Australia and the Americas were not likely inhabited by any type of human.
  • 1 Million Years Ago - 998000 BC - Our human ancestor species evolved and spread throughout much of the Old World. Homo Erectus may have been dominant at this time, with pockets of older humanity still around.
  • 10 Million Years Ago - 9998000 BC
  • 100 Million Years Ago - 99998000 BC
  • 1 Billion Years Ago - 999998000 BC - Boundary of the Mesoproterozoic and Neoproterozoic. Life was single cellular, but had recently developed sexual reproduction. The ancestors of plants, animals, and fungi had diverged.
  • 10 Billion Years Ago - 9999998000 BC