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Systems with planets detected by Planet Hunters group of amateur astronomers using Kepler data for planets not identified by Kepler scientists.

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Confirmed Systems[]

  • Planet Hunters 1 System - The first transiting circumbinary planet found around a four star system. This is the first planet found by amateur astronomers on from Kepler data to be confirmed. A Neptune-sized planet orbiting a sun-like star and a red dwarf every 137 days. Another sunlike star and red dwarf pair is 900 AU away.
  • Planet Hunters 2 System - 2nd confirmed Kepler planet identified by amateur astronomer detection team Planet Hunters. Contains a Jupiter mass planet in the habitable zone with prospects of a habitable moon.

Unconfirmed Systems[]

  • SPH10066540 System - SPH10066540 is a star 600 to 3000ly away with a planet discovered independently by British amateur astronomers Chris Holmes and Lee Threapleton using Kepler data on the Planet Hunters web site after the public was solicited to help with the search on the BBC program Stargazing Live. It is thought to be gaseous and Neptune-sized with a 90 day period. The planet is suggested to be named Threapleton Holmes B once scientists have confirmed its authenticity.

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