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Earliest part of the Cenozoic.

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  • Phanerozoic Eon (0.542-0.0 BYA) - The current geological eon, and the one where abundant animal life is present.
    • Cenozoic Era (66-0 MYA) - The current era. The age of mammals.
      • Quaternary Period (2.58-0.00 MYA) - The current Period. The age of humans. This time is the "current ice age", the Quaternary Glaciation.
      • Neogene Period (23-2.58 MYA) - Second of 3 periods of Cenozoic.
      • Paleogene Period (66-23 MYA) - Earliest part of the Cenozoic.
        • Oligocene Epoch (33.9-23 MYA) - 
        • Eocene Epoch (56-33.9 MYA) - Second part of the Paleogene. Began with period of global warming followed by an extinction event, followed by the "dawn" of many orders of mammals. These mammals entered North America from Europe over a land bridge. Creation of south polar current caused global cooling and led to the Oligocene extinction.
          • Event: Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (55 MYA) - The hottest hyperthermal in the Cenozoic Eon. May have been precipitated by release of carbon into environment by melting glaciers. Occurred in sever 1.2 MY cycle where the earth is both eccentric and tilted, causing maximum direct sunlight at Earth's circumpolar regions.
        • Paleocene Epoch (66-56 MYA) - First part of Paleogene after demise of dinosaurs. Saw an explosion of diversity of mammals, though not many of the today's types of mammals are represented in this epoch.
    • Mesozoic Era (252-66 MYA) - "Middle life" era. Age of reptiles.

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