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  • Last Glacial Period (110-10 TYA) - The last glacial period in the current ice age. Has several names depending on geography, including Wisconsin Glaciation.
    • Oldest Dryast (18-15 TYA) - 
    • Bølling-Allerød Interstadial (14,700 to 12,700) - (Sometimes called the Allerød Oscillation for an area that the Bølling Oscillation does not occur. When it does, this period is sub-divided.) The last interstadial warming period in the last glacial period of the current ice age. The warming that preceded this caused ice sheet collapses that caused a sudden rise in ocean levels. The heat gains during this period were suddenly lost completely during the Big Freeze at the end.
    • Younger Dryas (12.8 - 11.5 TYA) - Also called the Big Freeze or Youngest Dryas. Last cold period (stadial) before Holocene.

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