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Throne room of king of the Nubian Kingdom of Makuria, also known as the Mosque Building.


1000 AD[]

Throne Hall was the seat of power of Makuria during its Golden Age.

Earlier History[]

  • Dongola becomes capitol of Makuria in the late 5th century.
  • Makuria becomes Christian in the mid 6th century.
  • Makuria asserted independence from islamic states in 7th century.
  • Makuria annexes Nobatia, another Kush successor state to north.
  • Throne Hall built in the 9th Century, the beginning of Murkuria's Golden age

Later History[]

  • Murkuria's Golden Age lasted through the 11th Century.
  • Repeated invasions from the Mamuluk Sultinage began in 1265, which usually installed puppet rulers after 1276
  • Throne Hall converted to a mosque in 1317 during Murkurian decline

Modern History[]

  • Mosque closed and converted to a historical building in 1916.


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