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App that can be used to view 360 and VR photos stored on the device or another source.

My Review[]

Lets me view 360 or VR Photos that I have saved onto my system. This is the reason I learned how to do file transfers. Also this was a nice alternative to using Street View, which I couldn't do for a while. Unfortunately, it's not possible to sort the slides in a predetermined way. Also, you can't nest folders, so it can be a bit unwieldy to find what you're looking for. It's also not normally possible to download a picture from oculus's browser, which is a pain. Many photos on Street View or other web pages aren't downloadable either without some kind of hack. Haven't had any luck finding an app that let me easily create a slide show from VR photos. WeaVR was suppose to fill this gap, but can't process simple jpeg files.

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