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Allows you to play classic arcade games in a virtual arcade.

My Review[]

Playing in a VR Arcade is a dream come true. The price of the games is low, although it doesn't seem possible to change dip switch settings unfortunately. I tend to "spend" chore coins here. Namco doesn't have enough titles, but it's inclusion is appreciated, especially Pac Man. Midway has the best arcade experience here, with Gauntlet and SpyHunter leading the pack in my view. Sega has a section, but these might not have originally had arcade versions, so it's kind of odd. Missing the "enter a quarter" charm. The app doesn't seem to be updated with new games, and had been around a long time on Gear VR, so it's likely "dead" so I don't expect any new games coming. The cabinets shift positions occasionally, but this can be corrected. Unfortunately, the high score isn't saved. Also, you can't wander around the room or change your room entry once entered. A new headset that has position tracking might make it possible to look "around" the cabinets though. This was the reason I got an XBoxOne controller. Unfortunately, can't remap the buttons. Controller itself causes screen to go black occasionally until its start button is pressed.

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