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Proposed first Era of the Hadean.

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    • Hadean Eon (4.54 (or 4.4)-4.00 BYA) - Eon on Earth before solid land took form, essentially molton, before the earliest preserved rocks. A proposed beginning would be the impact that formed the Moon. It is believed there was no life during this time period, or, if there was, it would have lasted long and would have to reinvent itself.
      • Neohadean Era (4.1-3.9 BYA) - Proposed first Era of the Hadean.
      • Mesohadean Era (4.3-4.1 BYA) - Proposed second Era of the Hadean.
      • Paleohadean Era (4.5-4.3 BYA) - Proposed first Era of the Hadean. Begins with the collision of Tellus and Theia that created the Earth and Moon, and ends at a set time of 4.3 BYA.

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