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Site in the Nubian Desert which was habitable for a short period of time at the beginning of the Holocene. The predecessors of the Egyptians built a stone calendar circle and migrated to the Nile Valley when the area dried up. During the early neolithic starting at about 11ka, this site was occupied by some of the earliest pastoralists, who buried their cows and only later their human dead.


10,000 Years Ago[]

Nabta Playa was lush and occupied with pastoralists who buried their cattle.

Earlier History[]

  • 10,000 BC - A climate shift caused the monsoons to travel more north bringing rainfall and a lake to Nabta Playa
  • 9000 - 7300 BC - The first human settlements in the area. Thought to be the very first pastoralists, possibly moving through here seasonally. Rare pottery is among the oldest found in africa.

Later History[]

  • 6100 BC - Domestic animals such as sheep and goats.
  • 6000-5000 BC - Severe droughts caused people to abandon the land temporarily
  • 5000 BC - People return possessing a more advanced society and proceed to build most of the megaliths. The Calendar Stone Circle was erected at about this time.

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