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A collection of VR games which simulate things in the real life that you could spend coins on.


  • Oculus Arcade - Allows you to play classic arcade games in a virtual arcade.
    • Sega Room
    • Midway Room
      • Gauntlet - Overhead dungeon action game.
      • Rampage - Game where you turn into giant monsters and attack cities.
      • Root Beer Tapper - Root Beer Tapper
      • Spy Hunter - Game where you destroy enemy cars.
    • Namco Room
      • Pacman - The main hit game from Namco. Eat dots and ghosts in a maze.
      • Galaga - Namco's space shooter game.
  • Pinball FX2 VR - A virtual reality pinball game. Has several tables for purchase.
    • Starter Room
    • Season 1 Room
      • Wild West Rampage - Pinball game with a cowgirl named Cindy protagonist.
      • Epic Quest - Epic Quest
  • Carnival Games VR - A VR version of he Carnivals Games series.
    • Cowpoke Corral
      • Golden Arm - Game where you try to knock down milk jugs.
      • Shooting Gallery - Game where you shoot as many targets as you can. Multiple targets in a set multiplies score for those items.
      • Alley Ball - Alley Ball
  • Rush of Blood - An Until Dawn roller coaster shooter.
    • Haunted Lodge - Haunted Lodge
  • Oculus Go One Shots

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