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See also Circumbinary Planetary Systems

Four Star Systems[]

  • Planet Hunters 1 System - The first transiting circumbinary planet found around a four star system. This is the first planet found by amateur astronomers on from Kepler data to be confirmed. A Neptune-sized planet orbiting a sun-like star and a red dwarf every 137 days. Another sunlike star and red dwarf pair is 900 AU away.
  • 30 Arietis System - The second four star system found to have a planet 130 ly away and 910 MYO. Composed of two F-type stars orbiting each other at 1500AU, each of which is a spectroscopic binary. Star B has a planet orbiting within the orbit of its newly discovered stellar neighbor 23 AU away. The planet is ten times as massive as Jupiter in a 335 day orbit. From its surface, the star it orbits would appear as a small sun, the neighboring star as a bright star, and the distant stellar pair A would appear as a single bright star in the sky which could be resolved into two stars orbiting each other. The neighboring star does not appear to have altered the orbit of the planet. It is not clear why this is the case, since it is closer than that of the planet in triple star system HD 2638 and its neighbor, which was altered.

Triple Star Systems[]

  • HD 2638 System - A yellow dwarf star with a cloudless blue Jovian, a newly discovered star at 28 AU away, and another star gravitationally bound to it 0.7 ly away. The newly discovered star is close enough to the earlier discovered planet to influence its development.