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Mu Herculis is also known as Gl 695 and HR 6623. A Yellow Sub-Giant with up to three companion red dwarf stars. It serves as the "elbow" star in the constellation Hercules, known as "Marfak Al Jathih Al Aisr" (left elbow of kneeling man). It is also part of a Chinese asterism. Star A is also known as HD 161797. It has just a little bit more mass than the Sun and over 75% more its radius. Star B was discovered in 1781 by William Herschel and is also known as LHS 3325. Star C also exists in close coupling with star B at 11.4 AU away. Astrometric observations suggest a possible fourth red dwarf (D = Ab) exists near star A (=Aa) at 17.2 AU away. A brown dwarf or large jovian was also reported in 1994 due to astrometric effects, though this has not yet been confirmed through spectral analysis. The pair AD is 286 AU from the pair BC. The system is a member of the Wolf 630 group

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