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~A monastary castle off the coast of Normandy in France.


1000 AD[]

Mont St. Michel was a part of Normandy. The original monastery may have been around at this time.

Earlier History[]

  • Tradition says that there was an Irish hermitage here
  • The Romans left the area in 460
  • In the 6th and 7th Centuries, this area was used as an Armorican stronghold of Gallo-Roman heritage until it was ransacked by the Franks
  • In the 8th Century, the first monastery was built here. According to legend, in 708, the arch angel Michael commanded arch bishop of Avranches to build it.
  • In 867, this area was ceded to the Bretons
  • In 933, this area was ceded to Normandy

Later History[]

  • In 1066, Normandy conquered England
  • In 1067, it supported William the Conquerer's claims, who rewarded it with some property in England
  • In the early 9th Century, this was

Modern History[]


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