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Anatomically modern humans.

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  • Order Primates (Primates) - Mammals with long arms.
    • Family Homonidae (Homonids)
      • Genus Homo (Homo) - The human genus.
        • Species Heidelbergensis (Heidelberg Man) -- Thought to be the direct predecessor to modern humans.
        • Species Neanderthal (Neanderthals) - The closest known extinct species to humans.
        • Species Sapiens (Modern Humans) - Anatomically modern humans.
        • Species Denisovans (Denisovans) - A species of humans in Asia that interbred with modern humans.


  • Protoaurignacian Culture
  • Aurignacian Culture

Modern Humans In the News[]

Homo Heidelbergensis was Only Slightly Taller than the Neanderthal (2012)[]

Study on sizes of homonins shows remarkable stability over 2 MY until Homo Sapiens, slightly taller, came around.
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Facial Growth Pattern Different Between Humans and Neanderthals (2015)[]

Humans upper jaw bone growth retracts in childhood, while that of Neanderthals and other archaic humans continues
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Virtual Fossil Reveals Last Common Ancestor of Humans and Neanderthals (2015)[]

Fossils from skeletons of humans, Neanderthals, and homo erectus were modeled to determine what the last common ancestor was.
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Schizophrenia emerged after humans diverged from Neanderthals (2016)[]

Schizophrenia markers were only found in areas of the genome that differed significantly from Neanderthals, suggesting it developed after humans diverged from them.
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What rabbits can tell us about Neanderthal Extinction[]

Neanderthals did not exploit rabbits as food, while humans did. Were they unable to catch them and able to adapt to the loss of larger animals?
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Human Hunting Weapons May Not have Caused the Demise of the Neanderthals (2015)[]

Research shows that innovation of spear tip was developed by humans in Europe and later found its way to the near east. It thus likely did not precipitate humans entering Europe and allow them to overtake the Neanderthals.
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Neanderthals and Cro-magnons Did Not Coexist on the Iberian Peninsula (2014)[]

Study re-dates bones at three Pyrenees caves using collagen DNA testing finds that there was a large gap between Neanderthal's and Cro-magnons' use of the cave, suggesting they did not co-exist on the peninsula. It is consistent with other regional studies which suggests no contact may have been made in Western Europe.
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DNA Data Offer Evidence of Unknown Extinct Human Relative (2016)[]

Neanderthals 'Overlapped' with Modern Humans for up to 5,400 years (2014)[]

Study produces maps of when Neanderthals died out in various places in Europe and when modern humans arrived.
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Neanderthal Genome Shows Early Human Interbreeding, Inbreeding (2013)[]

First high quality of Neanderthal genome created (from a 50 TYO Neanderthal woman's toe in Denisova Cave), allowing for comparison between modern humans and Denisovans.
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