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Late part of Jurassic.

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  • Mesozoic Era (252-66 MYA) - "Middle life" era. Age of reptiles.
    • Jurassic Period (203.1-145 MYA) - Middle part of "middle life". Followed the Triassic-Jurassic extinction event. Witnessed the breakup of the supercontinent Pangea. Forest formed along new coastlines. Dinosaurs dominated the land. The first birds appeared. Pterasaurs were in the air. Ichthyosaurs and Plesiosaurs were in the sea. Mammals also existed, but were overshadowed by Reptiles.
      • Early Jurassic Epoch (199.6-175.6 MYA) - Epoch immediately following the Tr-J extinction event. On land, new dinosurs, heterodontosaurids, scelidosaurs, stegosaurs, and tenanurans appeared, joining the coelophysoids, prosauropods, and sauropods.
        • Tithonian Age
        • Kimmeridgian Age
        • Oxfordian Age (57.3–163.5 MYA) - Early part of late part of Jurassic. The earliest Euthorian has been found in this age.
      • Middle Jurassic Epoch (176-161 MYA) - Middle part of Jurassic.
      • Late Jurassic Epoch (161.2-145.5 MYA) - Late part of Jurassic.

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Earliest Euthorian Fossil Found (2011)[]