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The brightest and possibly nearest star (1600 ly) around which a planet was discovered using microlensing detected planet (microlense event TCP J05074264+2447555 in Taurus). Unlike most such planets, this is in a direction away from the galactic center and is nearby, and thus one of the few to have been confirmed using other techniques, and was followed up with radial velocity measurements taken from a network of telescopes around the world. Accidentally discovered while monitoring the sky for star brightenings that could indicate a nova. Planet Lb was found to be in an Earthlike orbit (1.1 AU) and a little more massive than Neptune (20 ME). Since the star is less massive than the sun (0.6 MS), the planet is at the edge of the snow line. It orbits closer in than most microlense detected planets and shows that Neptune sized planets at the frost line may be common. This is an important case study because it is thought that the most effective place to form Neptune sized planets is at the frost line. It is ideally situated for direct observation by future telescopes.

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