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Star containing the first planet detected using the BEER detection technique (BEaming, Ellipsoidal, and Reflection/emission modulations), also called "Einstein's Planet". The planet was detected by observing the brightening of the star's as the planet moves towards us (and dims when moves away) due to "piling up" energy and relativistic light bending, bends the shape of the star to be more foot-ball shaped (brighter when we view the "football" side, dimmer when viewed edge on), and the reflected light of the planet. It was later found to partially transit the star. Planet has twice Jupiter's mass, 25% more is radius, orbits 0.028 AU away and has a period of 1.5 days. It has extremely fast jet-stream winds that offset its hot spot 10,000 miles from its starward pole (the second found planet with this effect and the first using optical light observations).

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