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First star system 2800 ly found with two planets orbiting at high angles to the star's rotation (45deg). Primary is a red giant four times larger than the Sun and 9 times brighter. The innermost b is slightly smaller than Neptune and at 0.1 AU (10.5 day period), and the next one is slightly smaller than Neptune (but over half Jupiter's mass) and is coplanar to the first and in 2:3 resonance (21.4 days). A third outer planet or star may also exist in an orbit more in line with the star at 2AU. Its own tilt could have tilted the interior planets, which would tilt together due to their proximity. The star will swallow up the inner most planet in 130 MY, its second planet 25 MY later, and the outermost one will be spared. This is the first time the demise of two exoplanets has been calculated.

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