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A triple star system 829 ly away in Ursa Major, initially discovered by HATNet in 2011. Star A has a transiting hot Super Jupiter planet, while star BC is a binary star. Star A is a bright A4 twice as massive as the Sun and 2.5 times as wide, with Earth-like radiation experiences at Jupiter-like distances. Star C is an orange dwarf. Star A rotates rapidly and thus is not amenable to precise radial velocity observations, but can be confirmed with Doppler tomography, when the stellar absorption line profile distortions are observed during transit. Planet Ab was found to orbit in a prograde, misaligned orbit, and orbits in 5:3 resonance with its star's rotation (the first found spin-rotation resonance), and orbits in 1.8 Earth days. This was the first transiting system exhibiting light-curve distortions due to gravity darkening of the rapidly rotating host star. The spin causes the star to become oblate, which causes the planet's parameters to cycle. It may become a non-transiting planet in 75-100 years. The planet is one of the hottest known, with a diameter of twice Jupiters, and 8 times its mass. Temperature is cooler higher up in its atmosphere, the opposite of many other hot Jupiters. Found to "rain" titanium oxide, and ingredient in Sunscreen. Strong winds carry it to the night side, where it cools into clouds and rains out, where it stays due to strong gravity. This is the first time a cold trap process was observed in an exoplanet.

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