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The brother of Hokuto who was taken over by an animal demon. Fights a lot like Ryu, but is noticeably taller and specializes in air-attacks.

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--Shotokan Showdown--


  • Street Fighter EX
  • Street Fighter EX2
  • Street Fighter EX3

Move List[]

Standing Normal Punches[]

"Left Handed Jab"[]

LP (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Left Handed Jab")
A quick jab forwards with his left (near) hand.

"Right Handed Punch"[]

MP (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Right Handed Punch")
A powerfull punch straight forwards with his right (far) hand.

"Standing Uppercut"[]

HP (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Standing Uppercut")
Kairi performs a standing uppercut with his left arm.

Standing Normal Kicks[]

"Low Roundhouse Kick"[]

LK (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Low Roundhouse Kick")
A quick, weak low roundhouse kick targeting his opponent's mid-leg area with the front of his foot.

"High Side Kick"[]

MK (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "High Side Kick")
Kairi performs a high side kick with his leading leg.

"Reverse Roundhouse Kick"[]

HK (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Reverse Roundhouse Kick")
Kairi performs a reverse roundhouse kick targetting his opponent's chin with his heel.

Crouching Normals[]

"Crouching Jab"[]

D+LP (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Crouching Jab")
Like Kairi's "Left Handed Jab" except he is crouching.

"Crouching Punch"[]

D+MP (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Crouching Punch")
Like Kairi's "Right Handed Punch" except he is crouching.

"Rising Uppercut"[]

D+HP (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Rising Uppercut")
Kairi rises from a crouching position while performing an uppercut with his right hand.

"Quick Low Kick"[]

D+LK (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Quick Low Kick")
With his right knee planted on the ground, his left leg does a quick short low kick.

"Long Low Kick"[]

D+MK (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Long Low Kick")
While crouching, Kairi drops down further, sharing his weight between his right arm and bent right leg, and extends his left foot far forwards.

"Drop Sweep"[]

D+HK (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Drop Sweep")
While crouching, Kairi extends his right foot and twists about his left foot, often times tripping his opponent.

Normal Air Punches[]

"Air Jab"[]

LP while in air (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Air Jab")
Kairi jabs with is (near) left hand diagonally downwards.

"Air Punch"[]

(MP or HP) in the air (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Air Punch")
Kairi punches with his right (far) hand diagonally downwards.

Normal Air Kicks[]

"Air High Kick"[]

HK in air (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Air High Kick")
Kairi kicks his right leg high up to head level while in the air.

"Parallel Jump Kick"[]

(LK or MK) while in air (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Parallel Jump Kick")
While in the air, Kairi kicks his left leg diagonally and downwards. His left hand also punches parallel to his kick.


Special Normals[]


F + MK (all games)
A quick jumping knee to the head.


D+(MK or HK) in the air (all games)
Similar to Akuma's Akuma|Tenma Kuujin Kyaku. Kairi sends himself straight down and diagonal into his opponent from the air. If an HK is used in SFEX3 and there is enough room on the other side of his opponent, he will bounce off of his opponent's body and flip upwards so that he is above the other side of his opponent's body. He can repeat this as often as he likes, staying up in the air, or he can perform a different air attack.

Special Moves[]


QCF+P (all games)
In SFEX1, this move is pretty much identical to a Hadouken. In SFEX3, the energy ball "materializes" a set distance away from the Kairi and then disappears quickly without travelling. The stronger the punch button used, the further it materializes from Kairi. For a period after executing a Shouki-Hatsudou though, this move becomes a fast Hadouken-like projectile, though its speed cannot be altered by the strength of the punch button.


DP + P (all games)
This is essentially the same thing as a Shoryuken.


QCB + K (all games)
This is essentially the same thing as Ryu's version of the Tatsumaki-Sempu-Kyaku in the SFEX games. This move only performs one twisting air kick, which can be repeated up to four times while still in the air. The weaker the kick, the higher Kairi travels upwards. The stronger the kick, the more forward motion is gained. This move cannot be started while in the air.

Super Moves[]


DQCF + P while in air (all games)
A giant Shinki-Hatsudou materializes in front of Kairi's palms (pointing downwards and towards his opponent), knocking back any opponent it touches.


DQCB + P (all games)
Kairi launches his opponent high up with a powerfull standing uppercut. He then leaps to meet his opponent and proceeds to punch him senseless until he slams him back down to the ground.


DQCF + K (in air) (all games)
Kairi dashes downwards and diagonally from the air to his opponent (as in a Ryujin-Kyaku) dealing many hits on the way down. When he touches the ground, he follows this up with a quick Ryobu knee to the head.


LP,LP,F,LK,HP (all games)
In SFEX1, Kairi dashes towards his opponent, grabs him, beat him up badly, and then proceeds to pull out his heart. In SFEX3, it is not clear exactly what he does, because a giant Japanese character covers up the bulk of the attack, but it appears as if he just performed Akuma's Shugokusatsu move, and then puts his hands to his temples and screams in agony.


A giant energy beam the height of Kairi's body streams into his opponent, capable of removing half of his opponent's life. Kairi's body cannot take the strain of the energy he has channelled though, and he collapses and his own life points is reduced to the point where he would be defeated after taking a single hit. For a time after this, his Shinki-Hatsudou energy balls become fast projectiles.

Meteor Tag Combo[]

(initiated by Evil Hokuto): LP,LP,B,LK,HP (SFEX3)
Evil Hokuto (Hokuto after performing a Trance special move) grabs then punches and kicks her stunned opponent and launches him into the air. Kairi is there to greet the victim, kicks them several times in the air, and clobbers them back downwards to be impaled on Evil Hokuto's raised fist, after which the body is discarded. Evil Hokuto then loses her "trance" and regains her normal moveset and control returns to Kairi.

Non-Attack Moves[]


Kairi disappears and rematerializes high up in the air. If a LP or MP is used, he materializes straight above his position. If a SP is used, he materializes a few positions in the direction of his opponent. He is now set up for an air attack move.