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The largest and earliest formed planet in the Solar System, contains over twice as much material as the rest of the solar system combined. Influenced the formation of the other bodies in the solar system greatly. Second brightest planet in the sky and named after the king of the gods. Has four large moons and dozens of smaller ones. Upper atmosphere composed of liquid hydrogen and helium, may have a small rocky core and no solid surface. Has banded cloud features and giant long lasting storms such as the Great Red Spot. Has a powerful magnetic field. Visited by many spacecraft, orbited by Galileo. Juno probe is en route to the planet.

Satellites of JupiterEdit

See Jovian System for all moons
  • Io - Jupiter's volcanic moon.
  • Europa - Smooth and bright moon of Jupiter. Its surface is covered with linear grooves, possibly cracks in a frozen ocean. One of most likely places to find life outside of Earth.
  • Ganymede - Largest moon of Jupiter and in the solar system. Larger than the planet Mercury, though not as massive. Only moon known to generate its own magnetic field. Only body other than Earth known to have plate tectonics.
  • Callisto - Furthest of Jupiter's major moons, Callisto is a dead world unlike its siblings. It is considered the most heavily cratered surface in the solar system and therefor has the oldest surface.

Jupiter in the NewsEdit

Galileo in the NewsEdit

Cassini in the NewsEdit

10 Year Anniversary of Cassini Flyby (Dec 2010)Edit

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New Horizons in the NewsEdit

New Horizons Observes Little Red Spot (May 2007)Edit

Europa Jupiter System Mission (EJSM) in the NewsEdit

Mission comprising of the JEO (Jupiter Europa Orbiter, NASA) and the JGO (Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter, ESA)
Launch by 2020, reach Jupiter by 2026

About to Choose Between Saturn and Jupiter Missions (Jan 2009)Edit

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Juno in the NewsEdit

Juno Mission to Arrive in 2016 (Feb 2008)Edit

Rising Launch Prices Jeopardizes Future Planetary Missions (Dec 2011)Edit

See Mars for Curiosity Rover, Jupiter for Juno Orbiter, and Moon for GRAIL

Juno Will Chart Jupiter's Position (Jan 2011)Edit

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Year of the Solar System (Feb 2011)Edit

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Tour of Spacecraft (Feb 2011)Edit

Undergoing Environmental Testing at Lockheed Martin (Mar 2011)Edit

Juno Reaches Kennedy Space Station (Apr 2011)Edit

NASA Administrator Visits Craft (Apr 2011)Edit

Juno Launch Approaching (Jul-Aug 2011)Edit

Juno Launched (Aug 2011)Edit

Mission Explained

Scientists Recreate Jupiter's Atmosphere (Aug 2011)Edit

Europa Mission Chosen (Feb 2009)Edit

See Jupiter, Europa, Ganymede, Saturn, Titan, Enceladus

Cooperation Between NASA and ESA (Feb 2011)Edit

See also Europa, Ganymede, Io, Callisto, Jupiter

Priority Report from the National Research Council (Mar 2011)Edit

See also Ganymede, Uranus, Mars

NASA Decadal Survey Town Hall Approaching (Apr 2011)Edit

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Europa Mission's Pricetag Seems Like Show Stopper (Jun 2011)Edit

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Jupiter Impacts in the NewsEdit

Hubble Views Jupiter Impact (Jul 2009)Edit

Jupiter Impact (Sep-Aug 2009)Edit

Jupiter Impact Gone After a Month (Aug 2009)Edit

Last Years Collision was an Asteroid, Not Comet (Jun 2010)Edit

Jupiter "Hit" Again (Jun 2010)Edit

Jupiter Flash Caused by Meteor (Jun 2010)Edit

2009 Impact Was Asteroid (Jan 2011)Edit

Jupiter's Role in Solar Dynamics in the NewsEdit

Jupiter Robbed Mars of Building Material (May 2011)Edit

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Jupiter Features in the NewsEdit

Jupiter Loses a Belt (May 2010)Edit

Jupiter Belt Missing (Jul 2010)Edit

Missing Belt Found by Hubble (Jun 2010)Edit

Europa Helps Probe Returning South Equatorial Belt (Feb 2011)Edit

See Europa

Magnetosphere in the NewsEdit

Hubble Views Aurora (Feb 2011)Edit

See Io

Atmospheric Composition in the NewsEdit

Helium and Hydrogen Relationship in Jovians (Jan 2009)Edit

Ring System in the NewsEdit

Ripples in Rings Due to Past Collisions (Mar 2011)Edit

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Other Jupiter NewsEdit

SOPHIA Sees Jupiter's Ancient Heat (Jun 2010)Edit

Jovian Photography in the NewsEdit

Amateur Astronomer Produces Amazing Rotation Video (May 2007)Edit

Photo of Most Planets From Near Mercury (Feb 2011)Edit

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Jupiter Feature ArticlesEdit

First Image From Orbit PhotoessayEdit

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Book on Alien Weather (May 2011)Edit

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Virtual TourismEdit

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