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Intercrus (41 Lyncis, HD 81688) is a magnitude 5.4 orange giant in between a sub-giant and giant with a 2.7 MJ planet at 0.81 AU. Actually in Ursa Major due to a redraw of the boundaries in 1930 and also called HD 81688 to avoid confusion. Has an eccentric and inclined orbit around the galaxy center and it is uncertain if it is a thin disk member. Has a planet Arkas(2.7 MJ and 0.81 AU) that is one of three planets around GK clump giants found by a Japanese observatory. One of the first 20 exoplanet systems allowed to be given common names by the IAU. The star was named for "between the legs" due to its position between the feet of Ursa Major and the planet after Callisto (Ursa Major)'s son, who is also Ursa Minor.

My Thoughts[]

The star used to be part of the Lynx constellation. I think I'll go with Chiba (Wagon)/Abiko (Planet), words that pay homage to an old version of the big dipper asterism (the wagon).

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