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Grandfather species to modern humans.

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  • Order Primates (Primates) - Mammals with long arms.
    • Family Homonidae (Homonids)
      • Genus Homo (Homo) - The human genus.
        • Species Erectus (Homo Erectus) - Grandfather species to modern humans.
        • Species Heidelbergensis (Heidelberg Man) -- Thought to be the direct predecessor to modern humans.
        • Species Neanderthal (Neanderthals) - The closest known extinct species to humans.
        • Species Sapiens (Modern Humans) - Anatomically modern humans.
        • Species Denisovans (Denisovans) - A species of humans in Asia that interbred with modern humans.

Homo Erectus In the NewsEdit

Scientists Show that Modern Humans Never Co-Existed with Homo Erectus (2011)Edit

Study shows that instead of surviving in Indonesia until 35-50 TYA, Homo Erectus was gone by at least 143 TYA and likely by over 550 TYA.

Skull of Homo Erectus Throws Story of Human Evolution Into Disarray (2013)Edit

Variations in Homo Erectus skulls at a site cause scientists to conclude other homo species are also likely best thought of as varieties of Homo Erectus, such as H rudolfensis, H gautengensis, H ergaster, and possibly H habilis.
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