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A sun-like star (7.8 BYO) 127 ly away that contains at least 7 planets, possibly nine, detected via radial velocity. Has an Earth-sized planet (b, 1 day period), five Neptunians (6 to 600 day periods, the further out one in the habitable zone), and a outer Jovian (h, 2300 day period). The five Neptunians were discovered first, while the inner and outer planets were unconfirmed for a while. The planets were named in the order they were from the star, including the ones that were unconfirmed at the time. When these planets were confirmed, two more likely rocky super-Earths candidates were added in between the orbits of the Neptunians. If confirmed, this would be the largest known planetary system. None of the planets are in resonance, though some are near.

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