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Site in France with controversial troves of jewelry dating to 42,000. The Châtelperronian is named for artifacts found at this site. It was not clear if this was created by Neanderthals or the first modern humans to enter Europe. Human bone fragments from a back of an infants skull were determined to be Neanderthal by protein analysis. A hypothesis is that Neanderthals created the items after observing them from their new modern human neighbors.

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  • Order Primates (Primates) - Mammals with long arms.
    • Family Homonidae (Homonids)
      • Genus Homo (Homo) - The human genus.
        • Species Neanderthal (Neanderthals) - The closest known extinct species to humans.

Grotte du Renne In the News[]

Body ornamentation among Neanderthals: Dig in France confirmed as Neanderthal Remains (2016)[]

Body ornaments found at Grotte du Renne confirmed to be of Neanderthal origin.
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