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Stars cataloged by German astronomer Wilhelm Gliese, who cataloged many stars within 25 light years. The first catalog was published in 1957 (GL 1 to GL 915, ordered by right ascension), which included stars within 20 parsecs (65 ly). A major revision called the Catalogue of Nearby Stars was published in 1969 Gl 1.0 to Gl 915.0 (new stars given fractional numbering to maintain RA ordering) which extended the range by 2 parsecs (1529 stars). In 1979 he collaborated with Hartmut Jahreiß to create the Gliese Jahreiß catalog (GJ). GJ 1000-1294 are for confirmed nearby stars, GJ 2001-2159 are for suspected nearby stars. A preliminary catalog was published in 1991. Since it was never finished, 1388 stars weren't given final designations and it is common to use the unofficial "NN" (No Name) NN 3001 through NN 4388, sometimes unofficially referred to as GJ 3001 through GJ 4388. This is the catalog in use today, but famous stars are more well known for their original catalog numbers "Gliese xxx".

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