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Nearby possible five red dwarf star system or two separate systems nearby in the sky known as GJ 2069 and CU Cancri. Star A is divided into two parts, Aa, and Ab, and is also known as G 40-25. Star Aa is known as G 9-8, HIP 41824, and L1251-13, while star Ab is also known as G 40-26, and L1251-12. This was discovered to be the third known eclipsing binary system in 1999. This gave the most accurate mass for red dwarfs to date, and the first for an intermediary massed red dwarfs. A fifth star D was reported in 2000. The system is a member of the Castor Moving Group, giving an estimated age of 320 Million Years Old. The system is somewhat fainter than other stars of similar mass, providing evidence that there may be some light absorption by an undetected circumstellar disk. A flare was detected in 2009 and it was found to have one of the most energetic magnetic fields, and covered in many star spots.

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