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A nearby red dwarf system 50 light years containing three planets, including one potentially habitable one. The innermost planet b is a Hot Jovian with a third of Jupiter's mass (have some data discrepancy, Extrasolar Planet Encyclopedia says 0.35 Jupiter Mass, 0.6 day period, Wikipedia says 9 days. The latter is more likely since it's not acknowledged as a Hot Jupiter around a Red Dwarf.). The potentially habitable planet c is 7 Earth masses large and receives 30-40% more radiation than the Earth does, on the inner edge of the habitability zone. It is thought to be unlikely that any runaway greenhouse gas would heat it up beyond habitability. It is the fifth most similar exoplanet of the six known potentially habitable exoplanets known at the time of its discovery. Likely too hot for most organisms, but some extremophiles may flourish on it. Its composition is unknown, but it is thought to be a mixture of rock and ice. There's a possibility of an outermost planet with 20 times Earth's mass much further out with a period of 669 days.

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