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Gamma Leporis is also known as Gl 216, HR 1983, and HD 38393. It is a double or triple star system, including a yellow white main sequence star A, a distant orange dwarf companion B at 864 AU. A distant star may or may not be gravitationally bound. This is sometimes called star C, or LTT 2368, or VB 1 (Van Biesbroeck 1). The star system may be 2.7 Billion Years old and is a member of the Sirius group. A has 1.2 times the Sun's mass and 1.3 its diameter. B has 63% of its mass, but about the same diameter. It is a BY Draconis variable star known as AK Leporis. The star is one of the top 100 target stars for the Terrestrial Planet finder mission.

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