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Famous Viking religious and cultural center, which later became the seat of Sweden's archbishopric. Site of an ancient grand norse pagan temple, which may or may not have actually existed, it is a symbol of the final days of Paganism in Europe.


1000 AD[]

The Temple at Uppsala was likely in use at this time. The burial mounds were visible in the distance.

Earlier History[]

Some sources say that various Norse Gods used to live here, such as Odin or Freyr. Gamla Uppsala was said to have been the seat of the legendary Yngling dynasty, whose founding member was said to have been a contemporary of Caesar Augustus in the 1st Century.

Gamla Uppsala started being an important religious, economic, and political center as early as the 3rd Century AD. The Thing of all Swedes (general assembly) was held here from pre-historic times.

Later History[]

During the 1070s and 1080s, there appears to have been a renaissance of Norse religion. The Christian king Ingi was exiled for refusing to perform sacrifices in the 1080s, who was replaced, but then killed his successor and reclaimed his throne.

After Christianity took root, the Kings of Swedes no longer resided there and the Thing moved to Candlemas.

In 1164, Gamla Uppsala became Sweden's archbishopric.

Modern History[]

Pope John Paul II held an open-air mass at the royal mounds in Gamla Uppsala in 1989.

In 2000, the Swedish AsatruSociety restarted the tradition of holding blots at Gamla Uppsala.


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