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You have been at the academy for about two years now. You have learned the fundamentals and theories behind the magical runes, but you're getting a little anxious to start using actual magic now. Fortunately (unfortunately?), a crisis has developed that just might give you an opportunity to try out some spell casting. It seems that some of the lands near the academy have experienced a dragon infestation problem. A mysterious man calling himself the "Dragon King" has overrun the area with a seemingly unlimited supply of dragons. He has used them to spread chaos and takes what he pleases. The local militaries and the professional mages are spread thin. The academy decides to send in some of its students to help deal with the problems in areas that have had to fend for themselves.

Now, fighting a dragon may seem scary, and might seem like too dangerous a mission for a beginner. However, fighting large monsters is an activity ideally suited for users of this kind of magic. The primary offense against one of these beasts is, over course, the attack spells. However, utilizing these spells can take a long time and leaves its caster vulnerable while they try to find the solution needed for the attack. In order to give the caster protection against enemy attacks, the first order of business is to create a shield spell. These energy shields can repel almost any kind of attack, including physical or magical attacks. While protected by this spell, and trying to avoid flinching while getting hit with the massive attacks that a dragon can unleash, the spellcaster has enough time to solve their problem and launch their attack spell. The shields won't last forever though, and gradually do get whittled away by enemy attacks. Should they manage to destroy the shield completely though, a teleportation spell is activated immediately to whisk the student safely back to the academy. The shield and teleportation spell are initially set by one of the experienced teachers, providing a reliable amount of safety to the student.

You have with you a bag full of runes containing mathematical puzzles. You start your quest with a single attack spell scroll, a simple Fireball spell. Inserting a rune to the side of the scroll causes a the mysterious symbols written in the ancient code to appear as a more readable question etched in your own language. Space is available on the scroll to write on with your feather-tipped pen. Once you believe you have found the correct solution, you need to shout out loud the answer with conviction. The rune will sizzle and disintegrate. If your answer is deemed correct, flames encircle you, condense into a giant fireball, and then shoot out at your opponent. If your answer was partly correct, but not completely correct, a weaker version of that fireball may materialize instead. If your answer was simply wrong, nothing will happen and you will have to move on to the next rune. Inserting another rune will clear all the markings you had previously made on the scroll.

Let's Begin[]

Your first assignment is to the town of Aljiba. You have hiked here alone, but you know that your teacher is keeping an eye on all her students who have gone to different villages with her crystal ball. The locals direct you to a cave where the dragons have been living in and hoarding the town's valuables. It appears that there are four dragons menacing this town. Three of them are Gray Dragons, while their leader appears to be a Silver Dragon. You will be graded on how many of these dragons you take out. If you destroy all four of them, you will get an A. Three will give you a B, two a C, one a D, and failing to kill a single dragon will flunk you.