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Fafnir (42 Draconis) is a magnitude 4.8 orange giant star with an eccentric (0.38) 4 MJ planet at 1.2 AU away named Orbitar. The star has almost exactly the same mass as the Sun and a radius 22 times bigger. It is metal poor and 9.5 BYO. It is 315ly away and is currently the southern pole star (because of its retrograde motion, Phi Draconis is an alternative) of Venus . One of the first 20 exoplanet systems allowed to be given common names by the IAU. The star is named after a figure in Norse mythology who turned into a Dragon, while its planet is a contrived word meant to pay homage to launch and orbital operations of NASA.

My Thoughts[]

Another Eccentric Giant Star Super Jupiter. The first one and the most recent ones are eccentric, I thought these were supposed to be rare? The star is remarkably like the Sun, though less metal rich. It's kinda what the Sun will be like when it gets that old. Also, this is Venus' pole star? Sweet. I want to see a map of other planets pole stars's precession. I wonder if they revolve around a similar point that the Earth does.


It's Venus's pole star, and in the dragon constellation, discovered by European southern university in Germany.

- Vepolar/Brug - reference to venus pole star, dragon in tibet I lose. I thought the planet name was dumb, but the star name okay.

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