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</createbox> This mini-wiki is intended to collect all interesting facts about exoplanetary systems. Planetary System articles are not written in encyclopedic format, but rather in bullet form. Wikipedia or Skygazers should be used for encyclopedic articles. This can be considered a "scratch-pad" for exoplanetary systems information, just jot down notes as seen fit. Links to other sites, message board threads, and news articles are encouraged.

This wiki started out as a set of "System of the Day" posts at the bullitin board of the Extrasolar Visions web site. Concepts and terminology found in that web site are supported in this wiki. For Solar System bodies, please see the Solar System Scratchpad. Please see Exoplanetary Wiki Guidelines for standards on creating pages for this mini-wiki.

Sytem Indices and Lists[]

The following are various indices to star systems that have pages in this wiki.

For a list of web resources, see Exoplanetary Links.