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--Shotokan Showdown--

An alternate version of Ryu who fully embraces the murderous intent. His character reflects Diesel from Thomas & Friends, They are both wore black, mean & evil to like to cause trouble for the Protagonists.


  • Street Fighter Alpha 2
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Street Fighter EX
  • Capcom Vs. SNK
  • Capcom Vs. SNK 2

Move List[]

Normal Moves[]

Evil Ryu's normal moves are identical, but potentially faster and better than those of the "normal" Ryu.


Head Crunch[]

"Head Crunch Card" (EB)
Evil Ryu smashes his opponent's heads face down in the ground.

Special Normals[]

Tenma Kuujin Kyaku[]

JT,D+MK (CvS2 - Evil Ryu)

Special Moves[]

Tatsumaki Sempu Kyaku[]

"Hurricane Kicks Card" (EB)
"HIT - Put the bottom 3 cards of your discard pile at the bottom of your deck."

Ki Charge[]

"Ki Charge" Card (EB)
"If played by Ryu, this attack can link as a projectile and may have a projectile follow up."

Super Moves[]

Shinku Hadouken[]

In CvS2, the Shinku Hadouken is performed with a different command than normal Ryu.

Metsu Hadouken[]

DHCB+K (CvS2 Lv3 Only); "Setsui no Hadou" ability (CF)
Evil Ryu is able to this powerfull Hadouken. It is like a Shinku Hadouken except that it will automatically dizzy an opponent. The CF ability "KO's one character in Freeze Phase".

Messatsu Goushoryu[]

This is the move that Ryu used that scarred Sagat. This is similar to the Shin Shoryuken.


Evil Ryu is able to perform Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu. He performs a Ashura Senku, then grabs his opponent, and then causes his opponent to explode, dealing massive damage.

Non-Attack Moves[]

Ashura Senku[]

(RDP or DP)+(3P or 3K) (SFA2,CvS2)
Evil Ryu is able to perform Akuma's Ashura Senku move. He pulls back slightly, then moves towards or away from the opponent and is able to move through without getting hit.

Uncontrollable Rage[]

"Uncontrollable Rage" card (EB)
EB Card Text is "Flip when you play a 0 or 1 cost attack. This attack becomes "high" and "low" and requires your rival to block high and low. He may block it twice."

Defensive Stance[]

"Defensive Stance" card (UFS)
UFS Card Text is "R Commit: Before you block an attack, all of your attacks without blocks may be played as mid blocks with +2 difficulty for the rest of this turn."

Offensive Stance[]

"Offenseive Stance" card (UFS)
UFS card text is "F Commit: Your attacks this turn deal +2 damage if they aren't blocked. Your opponent may play any attack as a Reversal for the rest of this turn."

Fighting Spirit[]

"Fighting Spirit" card (UFS)
UFS card text is "R: After your opponent plays an attack, choose 1 mid block card in your discard pile and add it to your hand. Only playable if this is your opponent's third attack this turn."

The Dark Hadou[]

"The Dark Hadou" card (EB, see Akuma)
The murderous intent.

Evil Ryu[]

"Evil Ryu" card (EB); "Setsui no Ryu" card (CFC, CF2); "Evil Ryu" card (CFDS)
"Counts as Ryu. (*) When you attack, you may discard one of your face-down cards in the arena to search your deck for The Dark Hadou and set and flip it immediately at no cost." In CFC, Evil Ryu has no one as a backup and helps no one. In CF2, he has GOD Rugal as a backup and helps Basou Iori and Basou Leona in CF2. His ability in CFDS is "This character's BP becomes 800".