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Also known as Gamma Cephei, an orange sub-giant (1.4 MS, 4.8 RS, 6.6 GY) with a 1.6 MJ "Sulfurous Cloud Giant", Tadmos, in an eccentric orbet centered at 2 AU (1.8 to 2.2 AU) and a red dwarf (0.5 MS) at 20 AU (11.9 to 28.3). Located 45 ly away at the northern tip of the constellation and one of the brightest stars near Polaris and will succeed Polaris as the North Star (closer to pole in 3000 AD, and at closest in 4000 AD). It is the first close in binary star found to have a planet. The planet was first detected in 1988, and could have been the first discovered, but wasn't confirmed until 2002. Could be called the first real exoplanet detected. One of the first 20 exoplanet systems allowed to be given common names by the IAU. Named after an ancient Syrian city.

My Thoughts[]

Oh my, no wonder this planet is so popular. A future north-star and possibly the first exo-planet detected, not to mention its binary distinction. To think that on any cloudless night, I could look up and easily spot this star - and in my mind's eye see the planet and the red dwarf, is pretty awesome. I'll probably end up "showing" this planet to lots of people.


It's in the constellation King. It's also a future pole star. Its name means "shepherd".

  • Kharoof - Errai is Arabic for shepherd, so we chose an Arabic word for sheep, which is herded by the shepherd.

- there's not a lot to pick from, this isn't politically charged.

  • Palmyra - This is the name of an ancient city in the Syrian Desert. The city stood there even before the Roman Empire. It contains some of the most beautiful and valuable monuments in the world. The city is listed on the UNESCO's world heritage sites... destination for shepherds, endangered city.

- my heart tugs for this one, but there seems to be a political component to the naming, maybe the IAU won't like that so much.

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