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A site in the Valencian Community of Spain that contains evidence of Neanderthal's during their last 30,000 years on the Iberian Peninsula. A sedimentary hiatus found at this site and others in the area point to the disappearance of Neanderthals around 45,000 on the peninsula. It is thought that a gradual population decrease due to climate change caused this decline, since humans had yet to reach this area.

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First Direct Evidence of Plants in Neanderthal Diet (2014)[]

Fecal testing shows direct evidence of plant consumption by Neanderthals. Previous studies only showed it in their teeth, which could have gotten there via tool usage.
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Neanderthals Disappeared From Iberian Penninsula Before Rest of Europe (2015)[]

Neanderthals were found to have disappeared from Iberian Penninsula before rest of Europe, instead of being its last stronghold.
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