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A magnitude 3.1 orange-red giant star 101 ly away also known as Iota Draconis. It can be found in the sky by tracing a line from Polaris to the furthest "dipper" star. The next star over from the alpha star Thuban in the constellation. Contains the first planet (8.8 MJ) discovered orbiting a giant star (12 RS, 1.8 MS), Hypatia, proving planets at Earth-like distances can survive the evolution of their stars to giant phase. It is in an extremely eccentric orbit at 1.5 AU (0.7, 0.34-2.17 AU), which aided its detection as giant stars have pulsations which can mimic the presence of a planet. The habitable zone starts at 6.8 AU, so this planet is well within it during its entire orbit. Its radial velocity effects are only observable when it is at its nearest to the star. One of the first 20 exoplanet systems allowed to be given common names by the IAU. The planet is named after a Neo-Platonic Greek astronomer.

My Thoughts[]

A big planet for a big star. It's only one star away from being a pole star itself in the ancient days (neighboring Thuban was one). Its one of the only bright planet bearing stars visible in the northern Summer.


It's in the constellation Draconis, so obviously a dragon themed name would work. It was discovered by california

My pick:

  • Yamatanoorochi - Yamatanoorochi is a dragon of the legend which appears in the ancient Izumo myth of Japan. - Quadrantids(iota Draconids) appear in January every year.

The spectacular view of shooting stars is seen as fire spouting from the mouth of Yamatanoorochi. Oh, this has a dragon and association with the meteor shower. That's got a couple points. I think I'll vote for it.

  • Herensuge - It was the vasque mitology dragon, that use to fly around small towns throuwing fire.

This is basque mythology. Any reason Basque was picked?

  • Foros - According to one version Edasich-star hyena attacks the camels, so here is a giant planet may be called chance - Foros. - Foros translated from arabic as a chance

What the, a hyena? Is this the name of the star in another culture, that would be cool.

  • Appin - From the imaginary book "Red book of Appin", it's in folklore and some novels. - Red book of Appin" is an imaginary book about magic,it's in folklore in the UK.

The radiant of Quadrantids meteor shower is very close to iota Dragonis, and iota Dragonis b is first planet around giant star. Therefore this planet may be very strange like magic, however a human being will solve it by magic called astronomy. We put such meanings into that name. Interesting fact that the quadrantids meteor show is close, and a magic book sounds like a cool name for a planet. Not sure if I'd want it though.

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